Had a good meeting with Piotr in which I learned a lot about microscopes. There are a few options that might be useful to gather the images I need. The optical microscope looks like it might be the better option, despite having the lowest zoom capacity. It’ll take an object and the angle of the thing can be carefully managed and altered. There is a possibility of getting depth of field, and it uses visible light wavelengths. There are other options including the SEM, TEM, and atomic force microscope that offer much higher levels of detail and zoom. These can produce topographies of a surface in 3D, at atomic levels. Wow.

We’ll need to get a small piece of screen to zoom into but I’m much more keen on getting an actual broken phone. The images need to be identifiable as that particular object so I am not so keen on breaking it up into bits… but I still need to have a think about what this type of imaging might be able to offer me. I can see possibilities, mainly to do with the upcoming book project rather than the Park Hill piece that I had initially intended it for. Gathering images is always a good thing and if it only takes an hour then that will be an hour well spent.