It’s been a very non-standard week, during which my productivity levels have not been high. After being laid up with a cold all weekend, my first business of the week was the adrc seminar on Tuesday delivered by Dani Abulhawa. She spoke very clearly and confidently about the content of her son to be completed phd, and spoke persuasively about the importance of  ‘doing the stupid thing’, a useful reminder that you need to do the dumb stuff before you get to the clever stuff. If you know what you’re doing then it’s not research: research is a knowledge-producing activity that proceeds from a position of not knowing.

I spent Wednesday preparing a class for Thursday and also working my way through a morning’s worth of openFrameworks video tutorials. These made it look very simple and I’m hoping that as the course progresses b I’ll be in a position to actually use it to make some work. The problem is that in order to use it, and in fact to use Git without woe, I need to upgrade my os. That might cause more problems than it solves though.

Thursday morning I delivered the workshop to MA fine art students, and although it was quite poorly attended it was very enjoyable and hopefully useful for the students.

I spent the afternoon working on the method conference presentation. Turns out I am still rubbish at explaining my research project, and it took me 7 mins of my 15 minute paper to even explain my question let alone my method. More work to do, it seems.