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The OFF now exists. It was pretty much in existence yesterday, but today was spent making it blink on and off in time with the ON. It took me most of the afternoon to realise that the reason Processing was crashing was that the Arduino (Firmata) library that I’ve been using was out of date. An update and it all went swimmingly. The only problem now is that I am not sure what I was thinking with these in the first place. I like the idea of them representing the binary conditions of engagement but I also don’t believe it – my area of interest is more into the everyday/embodied etc, and this is a much more blended mode of interaction with the digital.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 20.46.50

I watched this talk by Stefanie Posavec from Eyeo2012 this evening. I like the idea of a ‘data illustrator’, as it acknowledges the subjectivity that the designer of the visualisation brings to the data. Fascinating that she does her representations manually, without code. (She discusses this at about 6 minutes in.)

This morning was spent writing up supervisory meetings. I also collected some online movies of people clicking mouse buttons. Some of these are associated with ASMR and others are just typical YouTube weirdness. Not yet sure what I’ll do with them.